Friday, October 13, 2006

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Customer Specific Updates

We love to add, modify and customize our InfoCare, IQScheduler and IQForms software so that they provide the best value to your day to day operations. Please visit this page periodically to view some of our latest changes.

When a patient's balance becomes older than you would like and your collections efforts are going nowhere, you may decide to turn over the account to a professional collection agency. Collection agencies need account relevant information from you. You may print this out and fax or mail it to the agency. They in turn, will enter this information in their 'collection' software. Wouldn't it be much better, if you were able to send this information as an electronic file? You would save time, paper cost and postage. The collection company would save time and gain in the accuracy of the transfer of data.

Recently, we modified InfoCare for a Radiology practice to accomplish this. As the staff determines that an account needs to be turned over to their collection agency, they mark the account. About once a month, whenthey need to send an electronic file to the collection agency, they see this list of marked accounts, amend it if needed, and then create an electronic file. This is sent to the collection agency by means it has identified.

We welcome you to challenge us with any situation where you feel you can save time and hence cost or make things more convenient for your practice. We will be happy to discuss potential solutions with you. Please call us at 800-414-9899 ext. 101 or click here.